You go girl!  ....Allegra

Great cause - have a good run   ... Anonymous

Thanks Trisha for taking on a half-marathon  ...Cathy

Good luck on your half marathon Trisha!   ,,.Michelle

I'll be thinking of you on the run  ...Auntie Katrina xx

Great cause...thanks for doing your part!

Thanks for all the work you do for this important cause Trisha!

Good luck Trisha!!!  ...Nicole

I will be raising funds in Auntie Janice’s name for the HBOC Society, an organization making it their passion to serve those like my auntie.  Risky gene carriers are at high risk for breast, ovarian, prostate and slightly higher risk for some other types of cancer, depending on the mutation they carry. The HBOC Society is the only organization in Canada attempting to address the wide range of issues facing this much under-served population. 

So many thanks go out to our amazing Trisha, who ran her first half marathon to raise an incredible $2,670 to help save lives! 

If you are able to help in my fundraising efforts thank you kindly!  To make sure your donation goes towards my run, choose the Janice Eckert - Marathon Fund option on our donation page.

Thank you in advance!

Trisha Smethurst

Trisha's Half Marathon

If you didn't get a chance to donate, you can still do so.

This will be my FIRST EVER 21.1 km run!

I am part of a family affected by hereditary cancer.  My mom fought breast cancer at a young age and my grandpa recently lost his battle with prostate cancer. Now my auntie, like her sister, is faced with breast cancer.

Auntie and I having some fun in grandma's wedding clothes from 1959

Sunday, August 19th I will be participating in the Servus Edmonton Half Marathon to raise funds for hereditary cancer in my auntie's name.

For me this marathon isn’t just about the challenge, or the run, it's about FAMILY. I believe in taking negative energies and converting them into something more constructive, and that's what this is for me.

This run is dedicated to Janice Eckert, my amazing auntie who was recently diagnosed with hereditary breast cancer.  Thankfully, the cancer was detected early and measures to rid her of it are being taken in a very timely manner.

Auntie Janice carries a BRCA2 gene mutation (one of the risky genes that causes hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome.  Having a mutation in her BRCA2 gene, like me and some of our family, means she has a much higher risk of developing certain types of cancer in her lifetime. Unfortunately, this is that time……...