NOTE: Since its discovery in 1995, this type of hereditary cancer has changed from one type of cancer, caused by mutations in only one gene to several types of cancer, caused by mutations in any of many different genes. As a result, all labels used to describe this syndrome, such as ''breast cancer gene'', ''BRCA'', ''hereditary breast and ovarian cancer'' and ''HBOC'' tell only part of the story, leaving out well over half of those who are affected.  To better serve our patient group, we are in the process of changing our name and updating all resources to reflect the fully inclusive and future forward RISKY GENES™ brand.  We ask for your patience during this process.  

The Lianne Hanson Hope Fund provides grants for health costs not covered by insurance for preventative or after-cancer supports or treatments, with preference being given to holistic choices OR for costs related to preserving fertility including egg cryo-preservation, to a total of  $1,000 for any one recipient.* 

Before Angelina Jolie put hereditary cancer on the map, Lianne Hanson was speaking about it at our conferences and in the local news.  Unfortunately, knowing she was an HBOC syndrome BRCA1 mutation carrier did not prevent a breast cancer diagnosis shortly after her first pregnancy, when she was only 31.  Lianne endured a double-mastectomy and several other surgeries including ovary removal, which robbed her of the ability to have more children.  She often expressed that being a mother was her greatest joy and that loss of fertility was the most devastating part of her initial cancer diagnosis. 

Although prognosis had been good, Lianne was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a year later and lost her battle at the age of 34, after a brutal treatment course that included four rounds of chemotherapy. During the latter part of her cancer journey, Lianne adopted several lifestyle changes and turned to alternative health care, which gave her some quality of life during her last months.  Contact us for more information about how to apply. *Upon program fund availability.

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Gayla's Gift provides for financial support for HBOC syndrome carriers who are going through medical treatment and are experiencing financial difficulty as a result.  Examples of costs: babysitting, transportation, accommodations, to a total maximum of $1,000 for any one recipient.

Gayla’s Gift was named after the first grant recipient.  Gayla was diagnosed with hereditary breast cancer at 27 years old when she was pregnant for the first time.  As a result, she faced many challenges during this period of her young life, including financial.  Sadly, Gayla lost her battle in late 2012, but we honour her courage and tenacity through helping others like her.

Due to the nature of hereditary cancer, many of those diagnosed will be young mothers without disability insurance.  Contact us for more information about how to apply. *Upon program fund availability.


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