NOTE: Since its discovery in 1995, this type of hereditary cancer has changed from one type of cancer, caused by mutations in only one gene to several types of cancer, caused by mutations in any of many different genes. As a result, all labels used to describe this syndrome, such as ''breast cancer gene'', ''BRCA'', ''hereditary breast and ovarian cancer'' and ''HBOC'' tell only part of the story, leaving out well over half of those who are affected.  To better serve our patient group, we are in the process of changing our name and updating all resources to reflect the fully inclusive and future forward RISKY GENES™ brand.  We ask for your patience during this process.  



This type of sponsorship benefits the organization and those whom we serve as a whole.  Donations may be in the form of financial support, services or gifts-in kind.  Services or gifts-in-kind will be recognized at the level commensurate with market value.  See Partners


This type of sponsorship is pecific to an event hosted by the Society.  For example, the annual Out of the Blues Fundraiser or the OUR GENES educational conference.

Some of our past sponsors:​


Often, people wishing to support our cause who own a business will prefer to do so by way of a sponsorship rather than a donation.  In general, the difference between a sponsorship and a donation is that a sponsorship is not tax deductible because the sponsor is receiving a benefit from the transaction in the way of exposure, but it may be considered as an advertising expense.  A donation is tax deductible because the donor is giving a gift.   


Specific to one of HBOC Society’s programs or funds. 

■ Specialized Services Establishment and Growth

■ Risky Genes Awareness Program 

■ Lianne Hanson Hope Fund  – Financial support to offset uninsured medical costs.

■ Gayla’s Gift  – Financial support for personal costs during treatment.  i.e. help with immediate bills, babysitting or transportation costs.

■ Research to prevent hereditary cancer