NOTE: Since its discovery in 1995, this type of hereditary cancer has changed from one type of cancer, caused by mutations in only one gene to several types of cancer, caused by mutations in any of many different genes. As a result, all labels used to describe this syndrome, such as ''breast cancer gene'', ''BRCA'', ''hereditary breast and ovarian cancer'' and ''HBOC'' tell only part of the story, leaving out well over half of those who are affected.  To better serve our patient group, we are in the process of changing our name and updating all resources to reflect the fully inclusive and future forward RISKY GENES™ brand.  We ask for your patience during this process.  

The following list is by no means exhaustive or the content meant to replace medical advice, nor to be suggestive of any preference towards particular recommendations or conclusions contained within.  Please notify us if you have a site you would like to be included.





Risky Genes Facebook Groups

Large social media sites are great, but can make it difficult to really feel a personal connection.  In response, we recently launched several Risky Genes Facebook Groups at the local level.  If you live in one of these regions there are others just like you waiting to meet you!  And, please invite your risky genes family and friends!

Risky Genes Edmonton

Risky Genes Calgary

Risky Genes Vancouver

Risky Genes Victoria

We are looking for volunteers to help administer new Risky Genes Facebook Groups in their own communities across Canada.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.​

Other Facebook Groups

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Young Previvors

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