Our goal is to someday reach all risky gene carriers to ensure they have the opportunity to make informed health choices but we can't do that without your help. Of course funding is essential but there are many other ways to help that extend past sponsorship and donations.  If you have a service to donate or would like to volunteer please contact us.

If we don't do something, who will?

Risky Genes™ Awareness Program

Hereditary cancer is more dangerous than spontaneous cancer.  Risky gene carriers experience far more cancer and at younger ages than those in the general population.  There is also a a greater chance of recurrence or a second primary site and hereditary cancer tends to be more aggressive.  Male and females can carry risky genes and pass them to biological children at a rate of 50%. 

Statistics vary, depending on the source, but even based on the most conservative, more than 1 million Canadians are estimated to be risky gene carriers.  Sadly, research reports more than 80% of them remain unaware they carry risky genes, so unable to make informed health decisions that could save their lives  To make matters worse, some research reports subsequent generations are being diagnosed with hereditary cancer earlier than previous generations, by nearly a decade

Despite this type of hereditary cancer being discovered in 1995, virtually no programs have existed through the years to actively search out the only population in which cancer prevention is actually possible or to inform them of specialized cancer treatments.  Nor were there resources available to connect carriers to each other or to encourage them to become involved in their own cause.

Due to the nature of risky genes, young female risky gene carriers experience a disproportionate amount of cancer during the prime of their life, leaving families stressed and/or fractured.  ​Seeing there was no time to lose, some of these brave young women decided to make a real difference and developed the concept for the RISKY GENES  AWARENESS PROGRAM.

To accomplish these lofty goals, a new brand was developed, trademark obtained, a risky genes website was created as a quick study with links to this website, printed materials prepared, social media sites launched and, with the help of several media and production professionals willing to give of their time and resources, a commercial produced for the purpose of online distribution and television.  The following represents the first  commercial we are aware of in the world that focuses solely on hereditary cancer prevention.  To date, we have been able to air it in parts of Western Canada and hope for more support from funders to extend the reach across Canada.  'Protect Yourself From Risky Genes' is available on Youtube for sharing with your contacts or on social media - you could save a life!​  


Program aims are:

To search out prospective and confirmed risky gene carriers to provide them with the tools required to make informed health decisions

To provide a framework for risky gene carriers to become connected to each other and involved in their own cause

To garner public support for new and existing programs specifically targeted to hereditary cancer