Mutation Database

Our friends at Facing our Risk Empowered (FORCE) have created a database in which you can enter your own specific risky gene mutation and find others who carry the same one.

There are many 'risky genes' that fall under HBOC syndrome.  Of those, we know the most about BRCA1 and BRCA2.  Just ín BRCA genes, over 1,200 mutations have been discovered for each. There is not enough research to tell us what we need to know about each individual mutation with regard to cancer risk, but for some mutations there is a body of evidence that may be helpful.  An example would be the three founder gene mutations (185delAG, 5382insC and 6174delT) within the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

Knowing one carries the same gene mutations as another person is no guarantee they will have the same medical experience.  

The gene mutation database is for individual educational use only and any information provided as a result is no substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or other information that from a health care service provider. Ensure you review the terms and conditions before registering.

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