Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome is a relatively new science. This means the research landscape is constantly changing. For many years only BRCA genes were known to cause HBOC syndrome, which is why most of the research available is on those genes.  In recent history more 'risky genes' were discovered and more will continue to be.  Below is a list of all discovered-to-date 'risky genes' for which genetic testing is available (at last web page update). More about genetic testing.

Important: Those with a family history of cancer who received a negative result for BRCA gene mutations in years gone by may want to consider being re-tested with a more comprehensive gene panel.  And, because all risky genes have not yet been discovered, those returning a negative result with today's gene panels may want to revisit genetic testing in the future.

List of Risky Genes