The journey to wellness for someone with risky genes is often long and traumatic.  Many have grown up watching loved ones suffer and pass away, often at young ages. Many have lost parents or a sibling or even children.  Sometimes just knowing there are others out there who have been through similar experiences is enough.  We can connect you personally with others like you.

We can provide you with up-to-date information to help you and your doctor make important decisions about your health.  Although we do not give direct medical advice, we keep up on thelatest news,  research and clinical trials, and can point you towards essential services and helpful resources.  We are always happy to answer your questions by email or telephone if you contact us. 

Our cause is still largely unknown or misunderstood.  As a result, there are a wide range of issues facing risky gene carriers and the medical systems that serve them.  We are working hard for you in so many ways, both on the ground and behind the scenes. To learn more about what we do, go to About the Society.


By far, the greatest barrier to adequate funding for services and programs for hereditary cancer prevention is the widespread mis-perception that it must already exist from government and the larger cancer organizations. However, despite being known for over twenty years, hereditary breast, ovarian and prostate cancer awareness still remains so low that most  carriers are not even aware they are at high risk for developing cancer, so can't take advantage of the medical recommendations in place to save their lives.  In an attempt reach prospective and confirmed risky gene carriers to give all those affected a fighting chance, we worked with a group of our young risky gene carriers to create the Risky Genes Awareness Program to produce and air two commercials which have now been shown in portions of western Canada.  These, as far as we are aware, are the first in the world that deal specifically with our cause.  We hope to find more sponsors to help us continue to get the word out and find other ways to spread the word.  Please share these commercials on your own social media, and consider other ways that you can help your own cause.


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