FORCE Conference - San Diego

October 18-20, 2018, San Diego, CA

The 11th annual Joining FORCEs Against Hereditary Cancer®  international conference was designed by and for people and families affected by hereditary cancer or a genetic mutation associated with an increased risk of cancer by our American friends at Facing Our Risk Empowered (FORCE).  The conference presented a wide range of topics and the latest hereditary cancer research. 

Conference Documents Available for Downloading

(note: some of the recommendations may not apply and resources may not be available outside of the U.S.)
Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Genetics 101

Reconstruction Basics 

Support and Resources for Young Women

Cancer Risks and Management for Men with Mutations

Long Term Effects of Menopause - Bones, Heart & Memory

Mastectomy Basics

Finding and Participating in Clinical Trials 

Building Resilience, Creating Hope

Managing Menopause with Hormones

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction for Previvor

Fertility and Family Planning for Survivor

Hereditary Cancers: Implications for Immune Therapies

Diet and Exercise: How and Why

Breast Cancer Screening and Nonsurgical Risk Reduction

Hereditary Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment  

Putting it All Together to Make Decisions 
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     Presentation 2

What's New in Hereditary Cancer Panel Slides:
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     Presentation 2

Hereditary Prostate Cancer Treatment

Current Issues in Advocacy & Public Policy

​Support and Resources for People with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer Risks for People with Non-BRCA Mutations

After Treatment: Survivorship Support and Resources

Ovarian Cancer Risk and Prevention

Tumor Testing and Targeted Therapies

Self Advocacy as A Member of an Underserved Population

Post Mastectomy Recovery

Treating Breast Cancer in Men

Breast Reconstruction for Men

Treating Breast Cancer in Men

Support and Resources for Women with Ovarian Cancer

Mindfulness for Health: How and Why

XRAYS: Understanding Media Reports of Research