NOTE: Since its discovery in 1995, this type of hereditary cancer has changed from one type of cancer, caused by mutations in only one gene to several types of cancer, caused by mutations in any of many different genes. As a result, all labels used to describe this syndrome, such as ''breast cancer gene'', ''BRCA'', ''hereditary breast and ovarian cancer'' and ''HBOC'' tell only part of the story, leaving out well over half of those who are affected.  To better serve our patient group, we are in the process of changing our name and updating all resources to reflect the fully inclusive and future forward RISKY GENES™ brand.  We ask for your patience during this process.  

Awareness Media

By far, the greatest barrier to adequate funding is the widespread misperception that it must already exist from larger cancer organizations.  However, despite being known for over twenty years, hereditary breast, ovarian and prostate cancer awareness still remains so low that most of those affected are not even aware they are at high risk for developing cancer, so don't have the opportunity to take advantage of the medical recommendations in place to save their lives.  Thanks to donations and services from two of our corporate partners, we were able to professionally produce the following ad, the first and only of its kind.