MALE AND FEMALE carriers can pass down risky genes 

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families with risky genes experience

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mEN CAN CARRY RISKY GENES AND develop hereditary ​cancer



hereditary cancer

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hereditary cancer is diagnosed AT YOUNGer AGES

Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome is the presence of inherited gene mutations that cause the carrier to have a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer than those in the general population, often considerably. People who carry these mutations may also have an increased risk of other types of cancer, including but not limited to prostate cancer. This condition is often referred to as 'the breast cancer gene'', being ''high risk'' or by one of the genes that fall under HBOC syndrome such as ''BRCA'', but these terms don't tell the whole story.  We prefer the more inclusive term, RISKY GENES