MALE AND FEMALE carriers can pass down risky genes 

Of the more than 1 million Canadians estimated to carry RISKY GENES up to 80% are still unaware.

Nothing can make your own journey seem less daunting than by helping others. There are so many ways to get involved but one of the most important is to support the RISKY GENES AWARENESS PROGRAM.  We believe this to be the only program of its kind, with the primary purpose of actively seeking out persons who do not yet know they are affected, to ensure they have the opportunity to make informed health decisions that could save their lives.

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MEN CAN HAVE RISKY GENES & develop hereditary â€‹cancer

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hereditary cancer is diagnosed AT YOUNGer AGES

Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome is the presence of inherited gene mutations that cause the carrier to have a higher-than-general-population risk of BREAST and OVARIAN cancer, often much higher. People who carry these mutations may also have increased risk for some other types of cancer, most notably of the PROSTATE.  This type of hereditary cancer may be heard referred to as 'the breast cancer gene'', being ''high risk'' or by one of the genes that fall under the HBOC syndrome umbrella, such as ''BRCA1''.  Since this condition affects both women and men, several additional types of cancer are involved and it can be caused by mutations in any of many different genes other than BRCA, we often use the more inclusive term, RISKY GENES