Risky Genes Awareness Program

Families affected by risky genes have far more cancer, at younger ages and it tends to be more aggressive.  There is also research that shows subsequent generations are being diagnosed earlier.  There is no time to lose.

Despite the condition being known for over 20 years, awareness is still so low that up to 80% of those affected still don’t know it so do not have access to early screening and prevention options as recommended by our health care systems. Some of our young people decided to do something about that.

The Risky Genes Program aims to:

  1. help find the many thousands of people that do not yet know they carry risky genes to provide them with the tools they need to save their lives;
  2. provide a framework for existing risky gene carriers to become involved, and;
  3. garner public support for new and existing programs specifically targeted to hereditary cancer.

There are so many ways to help.  If you would like to be involved in any of the following ways, please contact us.

■ funding
■ marketing & promotion
■ AV services
■ telling your story from a risky gene carrier’s perspective
■ telling your story from a family member’s perspective
■ telling your story from a medical professional’s perspective
■ sharing existing risky genes commercials with your social media contacts

If we don't do something, who will?