My name is Mary.   I am a breast cancer survivor after being diagnosed at 41.  I am a daughter of a mother,  who lost her life to ovarian cancer when she was 55.  I am a mother who lost my daughter to breast cancer when she was 34. And a mother who supported a second daughter through a preventative double-mastectomy when she was only 24 and is facing ovary/fallopian tube removal in her early thirties.  I am a grandmother helping my granddaughter to navigate the world without her mother and I fear for her future.  READ MORE

My name is Trisha., Breast and Ovarian Cancer runs strong in my family; in my younger years I chose to ignore this but at the age of 25 I was forced to face its reality. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45, which is when cancer became very real to me. At this time, she also completed genetic testing determining she was BRCA2 positive. She explained to me the risks and chances that this gene might be something I carry as well; I then decide to have the testing done myself.  READ MORE

My name is Janine , and I am 24 years old. It is springtime in Edmonton, Alberta. The days are getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, the sun is staying out later, and so are my friends. Most girls my age are taking in spring right now, they are out for jogs, they are wearing smaller clothing, and they are out late with a drink in hand. I, however, am in bed recovering from surgery, this is my second surgery in 6 months. I have the BRCA 1 gene mutation, and this make me different than most of the other 24 year old girls I know.  READ MORE

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